The right time for The Automation Advantage? Now!

Introducing The Automation Advantage

The intelligent automation evolution

Keep the focus on people

No initiative should start solely with the technology. The focus throughout must be on what technology enables. And above all, that’s about empowering people.

Starting the intelligent automation journey

  • Right from the outset, be clear about the strategic intent behind this initiative. Make sure it’s embedded into the organization’s entire modernization journey from cloud adoption to data-led transformation.
  • Today’s investments in automation innovation must be “people first”: designed to elevate human strengths and supported by investments in skills, change management, experience, organization and culture.
  • Watch out for myths that can create unnecessary barriers. Some common ones? My employees aren’t ready for automation. Automation solutions are mainly technology projects. And you can grow revenues just as quickly by being a fast-follower rather than a tech pioneer. None of these are true.




Chief Strategy Officer at Accenture. Reader. Traveler. Cricket buff.

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Bhaskar Ghosh

Bhaskar Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer at Accenture. Reader. Traveler. Cricket buff.

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